Petworth in Bloom

Petworth Historic Market Town's entry to the "Britain in Bloom" competition 2020


The “Petworth In Bloom” team have been awarded a Gold in this year entry in the “RHS Britain in Bloom” competition.

The “Petworth In Bloom” team entered this year’s “RHS Britain in Bloom” competition for the 3rd year running, achieving a Silver Gilt last 2 year and now have been awarded Gold for 2020.

Due to COVID-19, “Britain In Bloom” was not possible to adjudicate in person, therefore, this year’s entry required a different approach and “Petworth In Bloom” approached 360° Panoramic Virtual Tours to assist.

Working alongside the residents and horticultural team, we were able to create an interactive 360-degree photographic panoramic virtual tour, highlighting the various areas and showcasing the diverse planting as a replacement for the judges’ walkabout around the town.

A huge thank you to the “Petworth In Bloom” team for inviting us to help showcase this fantastic entry & competition and we were delighted to offer our services complimentary in order to help promote Petworth Town and its cultural benefit to Britain.