Modern Slavery

Details of our procedures to counter-act any form of slavery or abuse


360 Panoramic Virtual Tours (‘360 Panoramic Virtual Tours’) is committed to ensuring that its business activities, workforce and supply chains are free from any kind of slavery, forced labour and human trafficking


360 Panoramic Virtual Tours observes all relevant legislative provisions related to employment in all countries in which it operates. Workers employed directly by 360 Panoramic Virtual Tours will be contracted under appropriate employment related legislation in the relevant country of business operation


360 Panoramic Virtual Tours requires its suppliers to adhere to the following provisions and to seek no less favourable provisions from their suppliers:

• All work must be voluntary and workers have the freedom to terminate their employment given notice of reasonable length.

Freedom of Movement:
• Workers’ personal freedom of movement shall not be unreasonably restricted. They shall not be physically confined to the workplace or to recruiter-operated residences; nor shall any other coercive means be used to restrict personal freedom.

• Workers shall be treated fairly and equally.

Employment Conditions:
• Workers are provided with written terms detailing work and employment conditions in a language they understand.

Wage & Benefits:
• Workers shall be paid at least the minimum wage required by applicable national laws and they shall receive any legally mandated benefits.

Disciplinary Conditions:
• Disciplinary policies shall not include any inhumane measures or sanctions. The use or threat of physical or sexual violence, harassment and intimidation against a worker, or his/her family is prohibited.